Friday, January 24, 2014

Question: What is the most difficult part of your job? The most fun?

I have been a social worker for just about half of my life, and have many experiences both good and bad to last me the next half of my life. The demands of the job continually change.

This is not just true of social work, I realize. We are continually evolving and changing, therefore our professions (for the most part) will as well, and I believe that the way we adapt to these changes is what defines "difficult" or "fun." I look at any obstacles in front of me as a personal challenge to discover the resources I have within and around me, flushing out ideas and emotions I may not have realized I possessed. I never come out of a difficult situation without having learned something valuable. Of course this can be emotionally draining, and physically exhausting sometimes, but managing that is a lesson as well, no? Finding the balance in life to not only exist, but to thrive.

Now as far as fun goes, that's easy. I love to laugh and have a pretty decent sense of humor. It's been the saving grace in my life many times. I'm also incredibly blessed to be surrounded by some amazing professionals who feel the same way. I keep it "fun" by maintaining boundaries, being open and honest, keeping my ego in check, and by avoiding drama. I hold true to my personal and professional mission to help others and as long as I hold that ideal in the forefront of my mind, things seems to go smoothly.

"Fun" and "difficult" truly depend on how you work it....

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