As a psychotherapist helping people cope with the various obstacles in life for over 20 years, I have come to believe we all have the potential to be successful and possess the tools we need to achieve our goals. I look at treatment as a journey we take together to find this potential within, and can offer insight, strategies, and skills to help you attain the change you seek. I use a holistic approach to mental health counseling providing my clients with tools needed to lead successful, fulfilled lives.

About Depression, Stress and Anxiety
Coping with strong emotions and moods takes a careful exploration into what is currently happening in our lives and what has happened in our past. When we can fully realize and understand our experiences, we can process and control our reactions towards them in a healthy way.

About Relationship Issues
Relationships can be sources of immense joy or tremendous stress. It is essential to work through issues we may be experiencing with the important people in our lives, so that we can learn how to better communicate, and better relate. When this is achieved, our bonds strengthen and become pillars of support in our lives, helping us all to achieve our goals and thrive.

About Motivation & Self-Esteem
We are the sum total of our experiences, good and bad, and we need to examine these to reveal our skills and recognize our challenges. We often don't realize how strong we are, or how well we handle things in life. We think everyone else has something we don't which is what makes them successful. Sometimes knowing exactly what we have to do in life to achieve our goals is not enough.  In re-framing how we see ourselves and truly recognizing our potential we can start to shift our mindsets and realize our goals and dreams.

About Parenting Issues
When parents ask for help with their children they usually feel defeated in some way as they should know what do. Not true!  Parenting is the most difficult job there is, and it constantly changes. All too often parents feel frustrated when they cannot effectively influence their children to meet their expectations, or shift their expectations to meet the needs of their child. It's a process that is influenced by so many variables in our world. The most important lesson we can teach our children is that they are not alone, and it's okay to reach out to others when in need. We also have to let ourselves "off the hook" for needing guidance.

"If a community values its children it must cherish its parents."

― John Bowlby

I can help those dealing with:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • learning and school issues
  • marital and family issues
  • difficulties with social interaction
  • difficulty with making and achieving goals
  • parent/child conflict
  • behavioral concerns
  • making healthy life choices
  • workplace conflict
  • post divorce/ mediation issues