Office Policies...

Appointments: Your appointment time is reserved for you and no one else. If you miss a scheduled appointment, you will be billed for the missed session unless you notify the office at least 48 hours beforehand. Emergencies are an exception to this policy. Please note that phone sessions and video chat sessions can be done in lieu of an in-person appointment if need be.

Communication via Email, Phone Calls, Text, etc. :  This type of communication is mainly used for administrative purposes only, meaning brief communication about appointment dates and times.

Phone messages and texts can be left at any time of the day. I will get back to you as soon as possible, depending on my schedule and availability. Please allow me at least 48 hours to respond. If you are having a mental health emergency with which you need immediate assistance, please go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

It is very important to be aware that computers and unencrypted email, texts, and e-fax communication can be relatively easily accessed by unauthorized people and hence can compromise the privacy and confidentiality of such communication. Emails, texts, and e-faxes, in particular, are vulnerable to such unauthorized access due to the fact that servers or communication companies may have unlimited and direct access to all emails, texts and e-faxes that go through them. While data on my laptop is encrypted, emails and e-fax are not. It is always a possibility that e-faxes, texts, and email can be sent erroneously to the wrong address and computers. My laptop is equipped with a firewall, virus protection and a password, and he backs up all confidential information from his computer on a regular basis onto an encrypted hard-drive. Also, be aware that phone messages are transcribed and sent to me via unencrypted emails. Please notify me if you decide to avoid or limit, in any way, the use of email, texts, cell phones calls, phone messages, or e-faxes. If you communicate confidential or private information via unencrypted email, texts or e-fax or via phone messages, will assume that you have made an informed decision, will view it as your agreement to take the risk that such communication may be intercepted, and he will honor your desire to communicate on such matters. Please do not use texts, email, voice mail, or faxes for emergencies.

I do not accept friend requests from current or former clients on social networking sites, such as Facebook due to the fact that these sites can compromise clients' confidentiality and privacy. For the same reason, I request that clients do not communicate with me via any interactive or social networking websites. 

Payments: Payment is expected at each session unless other arrangements are made beforehand. Please check the fees page for specific rates.

Insurance and Billing: Most insurance companies cover psychotherapy and hypnotherapy services. Please check with your insurance company to determine what your plan covers. I will provide you with a payment summary which will include the information required by most insurance carriers. If you need something more, please let me know and I will provide whatever you need to procure reimbursement. Please note that I am not currently an active provider with insurance companies at this time, but I am an approved MEDICARE PROVIDER.

Records: Any information collected and maintained concerning our work together is confidential and kept in locked files. No one will be given any information from your record or the record of a family member unless I receive written permission from you to do so. I am the only one that will have access to your records.  You record is kept for a maximum of 7 years after treatment has concluded and then it is shredded. Records for minors are also maintained for two years past their 18th birthday.